ROKITT ASTRA is a data discovery software tool that enables companies to discover information about its data and data relationships through unique Machine Learning algorithms. With our product, companies will get a deeper and smarter understanding of their data and how it grows, changes, and moves through the enterprise. Information important to your business is trapped within your data. ROKITT ASTRA helps you break it out.

ROKITT ASTRA by numbers:

9 TB

of data analyzed across 6

22.8 B

rows processed throughout
17,000 tables


possible pairs found


valid column data flows

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We Are Smart Data Discovery

ROKITT ASTRA recognized as smart data discovery and modern information stewardship solution.

How Chief Data Officers Can Use an Information Catalog to Maximize Business Value From Information Assets

Analyst(s) Alan D. Duncan | Douglas Laney | Guido De Simoni


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  • Develop and expand data-driven culture by curating a modern information catalog
  • Derive new value from information assets by building on the catalog of assets
  • Enhance information catalog with smart data discovery tools
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Chief Data Officer

  • Information Governance
  • Data Enablement

Data Governance Team

  • Better Organization
  • Data Security

Test Manager & Tester

  • Self-Service Test Data Management

Business User

  • User Enablement
  • Better Decision Making

Use Cases

Enable everyone with the information they need to succeed

Augment current data management practices with our discovery

Efficiently find what you need when you need it with acute accuracy

Stay aware of critical metadata changes – Still to come!

Have the information you need to rationalize your current data

Uncover new assets that can be used in generating new revenue



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