Our History

ROKITT was founded in August 2014 as a technical start up. Our founders assembled a dynamic team of industry leaders dedicated to empowering consumers through transformative technologies. Sprouting its roots in NYC, ROKITT has positioned itself at the heart of technology’s mecca. It is here where we endeavor to improve lives on both a local and global scale.

This past year, our lab incubated several products as diverse as the teams who supported them. We matched passion with innovation to drive solutions to address challenges in both the enterprise and consumer markets. Some of those products successfully launched and have now spun off to operate as their own entities. ROKITT has hand-picked the most singular product from a pool of revolutionary technologies to go forward with in 2016. ROKITT is charging full speed at helping you better understand your organization’s data with ROKITT Astra- the data discovery tool of the future.


Incubated Products

  • roar
  • galactica
  • w-e-i
  • golokal
  • fintech

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